The Jānis Baltvilks Award in Children’s Literature goes to Luīze Pastore

Publicēts August 7, 2015

The annual International Jānis Baltvilks Award in Children’s Literature and Book Art was founded eleven years ago and traditionally is presented on July 24 which is the writer’s birthday. This year the Baltvilks Award went to Luīze Pastore for the books “The Missing Monkey” and “The Invisible Man” in the series “Art Detectives” (Neputns, 2015).

Representative of the jury Aivars Madris, himself a literature critic, translator and curator of the Museum of Literature and Music, said: “It’s wonderful if children’s literature is not only entertaining but also educating. Luīze Pastore has managed to unite both these functions with respectful quality in the first two books of the series “Art Detectives”. The readers are offered exciting stories about creation of significant Latvian artworks, interspersed with episodes from the artists’ biographies thus creating a convincing feeling of the particular historical period.”

Congratulations to Luīze and the “Art Detectives” team!

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