Sigita Daugule’s exhibition

Publicēts July 19, 2017

From 6 July till 28 August Sigita Daugule’s exhibition is on view at the Neputns gallery.

“To a large degree, Sigita Daugule’s personality reflects typical aspects of the artist in the late 20th and early 21st century: a powerful intellect, a diverse range of interests, logical yet unorthodox thinking, pronounced individuality and independence combined with refined interpersonal skills. The latest discoveries in painting technology are vital tools in conjuring up imagery and associations, expressing individual discoveries, reflections and evaluations of the world. Sigita’s creative expression successfully embodies both the rational and irrational; the fascinating surface texture in every painting has a magnet like quality drawing the attention from impressive general view to close-up. Her art will be appreciated by the aesthetic, intellectual observer accustomed to examining and analysing in depth, desirous of feeling the true essence of painting.” (Dace Lamberga)

More about Sigita Daugule here.

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