Launching of the photo album “Andrejs Grants”

Publicēts May 4, 2018

The photo album „Andrejs Grants“ was opened on 25 April at the Latvian Photography Museum among a wide circle of photography professionals, art lovers and friends.

We are grateful to the museum’s director Maira Dudareva for the possibility to launch the album in the exhibition hall where three of Grants’ students – Anda Magone, Laila Halilova and Rūta Kalmuka – are having their exhibition “Implicit Memory”, as part of the Riga Photography Biennial 2018. It created a very special environment for the opening.

Our thanks go to the team who created the album: Laima Slava, Andrejs Grants, Mārtiņš Ratniks, Artis Ostups, Kārlis Vērpe, Ieva Raudsepa, Antra Bula, Iveta Boiko, Valdis Bērziņš, as well as to the supporters – the State Culture Capital Foundation, and Dina and Jānis Zuzāns.

Photo: Viktorija Eksta

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