Vodkas / Side effects


“Šnabji / Blaknes” (Vodkas / Side effects) is Žebers’ 2nd book of poetry, or rather – two in one – which can be regarded also as an anniversary collection because the first one entitled “Tetovējumi”(Tattoos) was published 20 years ago.

The two small-size books are a special phenomenon in Latvian literature, since their author is better known as an artist possessing an outstanding individuality. This is reflected also in Žebers’ poetry where he creates a very personal, strong and completely unconventional world. The collection of poems has an added value – it is supplemented with the author’s contemporary, laconic illustrations-signs.

Vodkas / Side effects

2 books in Latvian
Artist: Zane Ernštreite
58 / 83 pp., paperback, ISBN 9978-9984-807-05-8

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