… on our restless planet

Ojārs Ābols

Collection of writings of the 20th century Latvian painter and art theoretician Ojārs Ābols illustrated by reproductions of his most significant paintings, provides an insight into the processes that took place in the second half of the 20th century Latvian culture.

Ābols’ essays reveal a surprising forethought and deep concern about global destiny. His works are a paradoxical testimony to the existence of modern art in a situation of a restrictive political regime. A publication that causes amazement and stimulates thinking.

… on our restless planet

In Latvian
Text authors: Ojārs Ābols, Gundega Repše, Džemma Skulme. Artist: Anta Pence
156 lpp., paperback, ISBN 9984-729-85-0

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