Inta Ruka, Egons Spuris

An album of works by two outstanding Latvian photographers, devoted to Riga and its residents.

At the centre of attention for classic photographer Egons Spuris (1931–1990) is the architecture of blocks of flats from the turn of the 20th century, capturing moods that are subtle and somewhat gloomy, an environment virtually devoid of human presence.

His wife Inta Ruka, the Latvian photographer with so far the widest range of exhibitions abroad, is characterised by her love of people, felt particularly in portraits of down-and-outs, but in this case the range of models is broad—from colourful hobos to attractive, exquisite artists.


In Latvian and English
Text authors: Irēna Bužinska, Gunārs Binde, Andrejs Grants, Helēna Demakova, Laima Slava
100 pp., paperback, ISBN 9984-729-36-2

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