A Book of Recollections

Uga Skulme

The monographic album dedicated to Uga Skulme is supplemented with the artist’s book of recollections, containing a significant material that had never been published before. Chronologically it dates back to the distant past of the family and ends with the last years of the artist’s life. Being an outstanding art reviewer, he writes his notes too with a fine literary taste which makes them colourful, witty and intellectually saturated.

The aim of the notes is to keep those stories for the family. Because of that, Uga Skulme makes them very vital, unsophisticated and organic, telling about the things that somebody else would just omit as not being smart enough for publication. The result is outstanding.

Arno Jundze

Uga Skulme – a painter, graphic artist, art reviewer, teacher and a vivid creative personality. He was a member of the famous Riga Group of Artists, gradually becoming its main spokesman, and a talented art reviewer. He has worked in different genres, taking especial interest in Cubism, Neoclassicism of Pablo Picasso, Neo-realism and other trends of 20th century modern art.

A Book of Recollections

Compiler Laima Slava. Graphic design and layout: Inga Ģibiete
464 pp., paperback. ISBN 978-9934-512-15-5

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