Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz “The Maidens of Wilko. Poetry”

Selected works


Several works by Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz (1894–1980), a classic of Polish literature, have been published and staged in Latvia. He is a representative of the brilliant generation of Polish interwar literature, poet of the Skamander group, a contemporary of Latvian poets Čaks and Sudrabkalns. Editor and translator of the collection of poetry, Ingmāra Balode, has chosen to create a new translation of Iwaszkiewicz’s excellent short story “The Maidens of Wilko” (1933) and to supplement it with poetry – a part of his work less well-known to Latvian readers – emphasizing Iwaszkiewicz’s late period, when he  “was not afraid to get out of youthful luxury and middle-aged passions (…) adopting simple expression, not being afraid of fragility.”

Yaroslav’s poems are words for music that has not been written, but which can still be heard in its own way. It is not the oft mentioned ‘musicality of the poem’ as his poems do not create music; but they lead us into music – often among the orchestral parts.

/Czeslaw Milosz/





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