Krišs Salmanis

Santa Mičule “Krišs Salmanis”

Series “STUDIJA Library”

“Playing with relationships of scale between the volume of an idea and its ascetic visual form is a never-ceasing work principle for
Salmanis, and his artistic inclination towards visualisation of ideas is a reason to consider him as a representative of conceptual art. However, “conceptualism” does not seem like a precise (although convenient) description when talking about Salmanis’ works, and he himself avoids the term. This terminological imprecision could be blamed on the unproductive habit of local art critics to associate every artistic endeavour based ‘on ideas’ with the notion of conceptualism or postconceptualism, in this way creating a very low threshold for conceptual art.” (Santa Mičule)

Hilda Vīka

Valda Knāviņa “Hilda Vīka”

Series “Classics of Latvian Art”

The series presents a book about Latvian artist and writer Hilda Vīka (1897-1963).