Sigita Daugule

Album “Sigita Daugule”

L.S.: So you want to stop something which you find beautiful, just like Goethe!
S.D.: I think all artists want that! I loved what Vineta Kaulača said in an interview: painting is an eternal present moment. A good painting – whether it’s the “little Dutchmen” or Giotto – is suspended in time, but this time extends to the present day. It exists now, before and after – it is omnipresent time. I totally agree! Painting is an eternal present moment. If you are able to put a concrete event or the essence of something into a painting and it is well done, then it extends into eternity.

Texts: Dace Lamberga, Laima Slava, Sigita Daugule
Design: Anta Pence

Image: Sigita Daugule “Full Moon”. 2017

1-Rih.Strazdins MA aula

Ilze Konstante “Stalin’s ‘Long Shadow’ in the Fine Arts of Latvia. 1940–1956″

The 16-year span from 1940 to 1956 was a harsh period in the art of Latvia. It is also one of the “white spots” in our art history, and this book is focused on its research.

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