Constantine Cavafy “Poetry”

The book of canonical texts by the genius 20th century poet Constantine Cavafy (1863–1933), translated into Latvian by Dens Dimiņš, is on its way to Latvian readers. It includes 153 poems, recognized by the author himself and published, as well as his last, 154th poem “In the Outskirts of Antioch”, published posthumously.

“Constantine P. Cavafy is one of the most influential Greek poets whose path to European readers has taken quite a time. He was born, lived and died in Alexandria, had spent some time in England, Constantinople and Athens. His surprising, ironic and open explorations into eroticism, history and philosophy – the trinity that has always been part of the Greek language and culture – has significantly expanded the field of poetry comprehension.”

/Dens Dimiņš/


On top: Constantine Cavafy’s handwritten poem “The City”


“Rolands Kalniņš’ Arena”

Nine facets of one remarkable director’s oeuvre

“When the idea emerged on the eve of Rolands Kalniņš’ 95th anniversary to publish a book dedicated to the film director’s oeuvre, it turned out that different people have already been studying his movies and life from different aspects. [..] It became apparent that each of us, researchers, had tried to enter Rolands Kalniņš’ space through different doors, being aware that there is plenty of material for various kinds of studies and interests. To make the book complete it was necessary only to open a few more doors and to let in the ray of light [..]. So it was burgeoning and getting ready for birth, obtaining the form and shape, being arranged into chapters, and all together making a many-sided view on the spiritual space of Rolands Kalniņš’ creative life.”

/Kristīne Matīsa/