Voldemārs Matvejs. Catalogue

Compiler Irēna Bužinska

Voldemārs Matvejs (Vladimir Markov; 1877–1914) – a Latvian artist, who, during his stay in St Petersburg, became one of the leading artists and theoreticians of the Russian avant garde, one of the founders and most active members of the St Petersburg union of artists “Soyuz Molodyozhi”. He studied the culture of Africa, Oceania and other regions, developing an overall theory on plasticity in art.

Published together for the first time in Latvian and Russian are all the theoretical writings of Matvejs. “The Art of Easter Island” is the first book from the early 20th century where the island’s art is treated not only from an ethnographic perspective, but also analysed from an artistic viewpoint.

Voldemārs Matvejs. Catalogue

In Latvian and Russian (facsimiles of the originals)
Artist: Juris Petraškevičs
152 pp., paperback, ISBN 9984-729-19-2

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