Naïve Art in Latvia

Aivars Leitis

The book contains an analysis of the history of naïve art in Latvia, its sources and oeuvre of 55 Latvian contemporary naïve artists, expressed mostly in painting and sculpture.

For more than a quarter of a century the author has traveled around Latvia exploring the expressions of the style in works of more than 200 naïve artists and has come to the conclusion that their art stems from the course of life determined by fate, that these people create their artworks for the sake of their own enjoyment depicting life not as it is in reality but rather as they wish it to be in their dreams.  “Naïve Art in Latvia” is the first major survey of the style, its expressions and development in Latvia.

Naïve Art in Latvia

In Latvian with English summary
Artist: Juris Petraškevičs
207 pp, hardback with jacket, ISBN 9984-729-62-1

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