Anthology of 20th Century Spanish Poetry

Compiler Leons Briedis

Anthology of 20th century Spanish poetry is the first voluminous selection of Spanish poetry in Latvian, comprising poems by 33 Spanish poets. Compiler, translator and the author of the afterword is Leons Briedis; the book includes translations also by Knuts Skujenieks and Egils Plaudis. Artist Ilmārs Blumbergs, especially for this book has created a series of drawings inspired by Spain and Spanish poetry.

„Spanish blood must be running through my veins, and this book is my belated declaration of love to Spanish culture. This love, the dream about Spanish culture started as early as in my adolescence and I am not disappointed with this dream up until now,” says Leons Briedis.

Spāņu dzejas antoloģija

Poetry is still the most beautiful and essential place for us, different nations, to meet and understand each other.

Leons Briedis


Poets: Miguel de Unamuno, Manuel Machado, Antonio Machado, Juan Ramon Jimenez, Leon Felipe, Pedro Salinas, Jorge Guillen, Gerardo Diego, Federico Garcia Lorca, Vicente Aleixandre, Damaso Alonso, Emilio Prados, Luis Cernuda, Rafael Alberti, Manuel Altolaguirre, Miguel Hernandez, Luis Rosales, Gabriel Celaya, Blas de Otero, Gloria Fuertes, Jose Hierro, Angel Gonzalez, Jose Agustin Goytisolo, Jaime Gil de Biedma, Jose Angel Valente, Fransisco Brines, Claudio Rodriguez, Carlos Sahagun, Pere (Pedro) Gimferrer, Juana Castro, Leopoldo Maria Panero, Alejandro Lopez Andrada, Antonio Rodriguez Jimenez.

Spāņu dzejas antoloģija


The book has been published with support of Acción Cultural Española.

Anthology of 20th Century Spanish Poetry

In Latvian and Spanish
Translators: Leons Briedis, Egils Plaudis, Knuts Skujenieks. Artist: Ilmārs Blumbergs
432 pp., hard cover, ISBN 978-9934-512-23-0

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