Cet Amour

Jacques Prevert

Collection of poems “Cet amour” (This Love) by Jacques Prévert is the newest edition in the bilingual Velvet Series which includes works by Walt Whitman, Joseph Brodsky, William Shakespeare, Rainer Maria Rilke and Angelus Silesius.

The collection of poems is dedicated to the infinite expression of love, praising not only its creative force but telling also about its devastating influence, frustrating pain which sometimes can be as strong as lovers’ longing for life. Love in Prévert’s poems acts as a third person between loving people making two bodies merge, enjoy the acme of the essence of life but also tear off disguise and break down what seemed to be unbreakable. Prévert does not try to hide the paradox of love, at the same time depicting it as a journey of a human being to meet a similar being with whom to find the ultimate expression of one’s own nature.


Cet Amour

In Latvian and French
Translator: Kristīne Sniedze. Artist: Ingrīda Zābere
120 pp., semihard cover, ISBN 978-9984-807-96-6

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