Portrait in Latvia. The 19th Century

In 2008 the exhibition „19th Century Portrait in Latvia” was opened at the Rundāle Palace Museum which concluded a major and long-lasting project – a series of exhibitions about Latvian portrait art, encompassing three centuries. In the beginning of October 2014 a truly monumental book was published by the Publishers Neputns – „Portrait in Latvia. The 19th Century”, which includes a catalogue part of the mentioned exhibition as well as a number of scientific essays about the portrait genre.

Portrets Latvijā. 19. gadsimts

565 portraits are included in the catalogue part – mostly exhibition works but also some works that were selected but not displayed because of the limited exhibition space. The artists’ names are listed in alphabetical order and supplemented with a short biography. Basic information is given about each of the portraits, including also short biographical data about the depicted persons, if available.

The text chapter includes essays by Eduards Kļaviņš, Imants Lancmanis, Sarmīte Fogele, Edvarda Šmite, Anita Meinarte, Dainis Bruģis and Inta Pujāte, dedicated to the portrait genre.

Portrait in Latvia. The 19th Century

In Latvian and German
Compilers: Inta Pujāte, Dainis Bruģis
Artist: Inese Hofmane
704 pp., hard cover, ISBN 978-9934-512-24-7

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