The Fifth Commandment. Revolution and War

Imants Lancmanis

Imants Lamcmanis’ new conceptual project includes a series of paintings in the form of a polyptych altar with an altarpiece and predella:

I The Pyramid of Revolution
II In memoriam
III The Sacrifice
IV The Fourth Rider of the Apocalypse
V Non occides
VI Attack (“The Brusilov Offensive”)
VII The Sunken Memorial
VIII Mourning the Lamb (Галицкая Голгофа ↔ Schnelljustiz gegen Spione in Galizien),

the paintings are accompanied by texts which explain the author’s intentions and working materials – historical photographs and photo studies of models. Painting style – Conceptual romanticism.

The Fifth Commandment. Revolution and War

In Latvian and English
Design: Ingrīda Zābere. Editor: Guna Pence
Translator into English: Marianna Auliciema. Proof-reader of English: Līva Ozola
108 pp., paperback, ISBN 978-9984-807-37-9
Supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation

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