Leons Briedis

The first collection of poetry in Latvian containing only visual poems. These are poems-drawings made of words. Simias of Rhodos, philologist of the Ancient Greece, called them carmina figurata, Guillaume Apollinaire calligrammes, while Leons Briedis gave his visual poetry the name of his wife, calling them mariagrammas.


Leons Briedis is one of the most well-known Latvian poets and translators. His field of activities includes prose writing, literary theory and criticism, founding of the culturological magazine Kentaurs XXI and being the director of the Minerva Publishing House. Translator of prose and poetry from Latin, Russian, Polish, English, Romanian, Italian, Sardinian, Catalan, Galician, Portuguese, and other languages. Author of 28 books in verse and prose as well as translator of more than 40 books of poetry and prose.


Artist: Aldis Aleks
96 pp., paperback, ISBN 978-9984-512-06-3

The book is published with the support of the State Culture Capital Foundation.

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