Maija Kurševa

Tomass Pārups

A book about Maija Kurševa by Tomass Pārups is published in the series STUDIJA Library”.

Maija Kurševa

It seems that the art of Maija Kurševa is held together both by its colourful emotion, even psychadelic effect, and its storytelling qualities. These traits help to unify the thematic thrust of Kurševa’s work with its conceptual intention, creating a message which helps to instruct the viewer in the system of images used by the artist. Kurševa’s work is direct and ponderous, however – thanks to the sense of humour of the artist – it also has a quality of lightness.

Tomass Pārups
Maija Kurševa

Maija Kurševa has graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia Department of Visual Communications; she has also studied at Berlin University of Arts. She has participated in group exhibitions in Riga, Vilnius, Berlin, Moscow, Tallinn, Brussels, St Petersburg, Bremen, Helsinki and elsewhere; she has also had several solo shows. At the moment Maija Kurševa is active in the artists’ collective “Popper Publishing“, is among organisers of the Riga Zine Festival, as well as teaches screenprinting and illustration at the Art Academy of Latvia.

Tomass Pārups writes about visual art. Since 2014 he has published articles in the internet portals,,, and in the newspaper “Kultūras Diena”. Pārups has written exhibition text for the solo exhibitions of artists Ojārs Pētersons and Ēriks Apaļais. On a daily basis Pārups observes processes of contemporary art in Latvia and follows events in the art world abroad.


“STUDIJA Library” is a series of books providing a comprehensive insight into the Latvian art scene of the turn of the 21st century. Each book includes a basic text, an interview, a selection of images as well as full translation into English. The first book of the series was published in 2008.




Maija Kurševa

In Latvian and English
Language editor: Guna Pence. Translator: Marianna Auliciema
English lanugage editors: Iveta Boiko, Uldis Balodis
Design: Dita Pence. Image processing: Inga Ģibiete
144 pp., semi-paperback, ISBN 978-9934-565-16-8

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