Cherubnic Wanderer

Angelus Silesius

Collection of poetry by the 17th century poet mystic Angelus Silesius who became world famous with just one book. Geistreiche Sinn- und Schlussreime Johannis Angeli Silesii was first published in 1657. The second edition was printed in 1675 bearing the title of Cherubinischer Wandersmann by which the name of Angelus Silesius will always be primarily remembered.

Cherubinischer Wandersmann is translated into Latvian by Juris Boiko, foreword by Valdis Bisenieks.

Cherubnic Wanderer

In Latvian and German
Translated by Juris Boiko
Editor: Valdis Bisenieks. Artist: Ingrīda Zābere
110 pp., paperback, ISBN 9984-729-55-9

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