Cards. Virtual Journey Through Barbed Wire

Knuts Skujenieks, Bruno Javoišs

The book has the form of a pack of cards created in a prison camp, representing recollections by Knuts Skujenieks and Bruno Javoišs about the Soviet forced labour camp in Mordovia. On one side of each card there is a drawing by Bruno Javoišs, depicting an episode of the camp life, while on the other – a text by Knuts Skujenieks. This book continues the theme begun in Poga (Button) – a poetry book by Knuts Skujenieks, as a personal testimony about the bygone time of Soviet occupation in its repressive manifestation.

By taking the spectators and readers on this virtual excursion and guiding them around the Soviet forced labour camp of the 1960s, by no means do I intend to make them scared or annoyed. It is just another teaching of history in an unprecedented form. The talented card drawings of my campmate Bruno Javoišs help me, along with you, to live again the long since bygone life. This is a rare gift to our peoples’ memory.

Knuts Skujenieks

Cards. Virtual Journey Through Barbed Wire

Artist: Zane Ernštreite
ISBN 978-9934-512-10-0

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