Jūrmala. Nature and Cultural Heritage

A book about the architectural heritage specific to the city of Jūrmala, presenting its characteristic features and tracing stylistic and functional development, and also about the city’s natural and cultural setting and its residents. The aim is to reveal the historical architecture and cultural milieu of Jūrmala as one of the greatest treasures of Latvia’s cultural heritage.

The text is vivid and straightforward, with unique, previously unpublished historical material and more than 300 illustrations.

In 2001, “Neputns” published a similar work entitled “The Wooden Heritage of Riga”.

There are seperate editions in Russian and English.

Jūrmala. Nature and Cultural Heritage

Text authors: Sniedze Laiviņa, Ausma Pētersone, Rihards Pētersons, Anita Naudiša, Pēteris Blūms, Tālivaldis Timpars
Artist: Juris Petraškevičs
344 pp., hardback, ISBN 9984-729-49-4

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