Jānis Viņķelis

Inga Šteimane

Art historian Inga Steimane’s monograph is devoted to a vivid member of the young generation of artists of the nineties, who died young, but whose personality left a significant impression on his contemporaries. The 1990s saw the development of a second generation of conceptualists in Latvian art, directly influenced by Janis Vinkelis. The book traces the artist’s biography and the conceptual turning-points in his creative development, with an extensive characterisation of the time in which he worked.

Jānis Viņķelis

In Latvian and English
Translators into English: Inguna Beķere, Viktors Freibergs
Photographers: Andris Gertsons, Gunārs Janaitis, Gvido Kajons, Gints Mālderis, Egons Zīverts, Gints Zilbalodis
124 pp., hardback, ISBN 9984-729-25
Supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation

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