Ilze Avotiņa

The painting of Ilze Avotiņa, who made a stunning appearance in Latvian art of the late 1970s, is undeniably an interesting example of synthesis and transformation of Western art movements from the turn of the 20th century. Although, in the context of world art, it may all seem to have been seen before, nevertheless it has never been seen in such combinations, with such emphases and interpretations.

This catalogue for a solo exhibition at the State Museum of Art is the first major volume of the artist’s work.

Ilze Avotiņa

In Latvian and English
Design: Juris Petraškevičs
Text authors: Stella Pelše, Anita Vanaga. Proof-reader of Latvian: Māra Ņikitina
Translator into English: Valdis Bērziņš. Proof-reader of English: Iveta Boiko
72 pp.,paperback, ISBN 9984-729-48-6

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