Imants Lancmanis

A book by artist, art historian, and director of the Rundāle Palace Imants Lancmanis is the result of 15 years of scrupulous work. Taking into consideration the increasing interest in new samples of heraldry the book has been envisaged and written as a manual which is illustrated also by Latvian material. The author has devoted much attention to explanation of the main heraldic terminology; the majority of terms are illustrated by the author’s drawings which are supplemented by photographs of real objects.

The book includes both a unique historical material and explanation of the structure and meaning of various coats of arms as well as possibilities of their use today. Richly illustrated.


In Latvian
Design: Ingrīda Zābere. Editor: Māra Ņikitina
Photographers: Ints Lūsis, Imants Lancmanis, Velta Leijere, Mihails Medvedevs, Māris Zuika
287 pp., hardback, ISBN 978-9984-729-93-1
Supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation

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