The Photograph as Art in Latvia. 1960-1969

Alise Tīfentāle

The book „The Photograph as Art in Latvia” by art historian Alise Tīfentāle is the first contemporary study about the recent past of Latvian photographic art. 1960s is a magical decade in Western culture and Latvia as well. Being artificially separated from Western and global information space by the Soviet regime Latvian culture and art nevertheless was looking for and found the way to be in contact and interact with this space.

During the 1960s those were photographers who succeeded in attaining what was forbidden (or limited) for representatives of other arts – they joined international exhibition activities and developed West-oriented, modern aesthetics and system of artistic imagery based on western history of art.

The book gives an insight into the most significant stylistic trends and means of expression of form characteristic of the Latvian photographic art of the 1960s, which constitutes the part of the 20th century Latvian visual art heritage that has not been sufficiently studied until now. The author has analysed works of photographic art by Latvian authors created between 1960 and 1969 that were exhibited in Latvian, USSR an international exhibitions of camera clubs and photographic salons and were reproduced in press or photography albums and catalogues.

The Photograph as Art in Latvia. 1960-1969

In Latvian and English.
Artist: Dita Pence
168 pp., semi-hard cover, ISBN 978-9984-807-85-0

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