Es zvēru pie kraukļiem

Andris Ogriņš

Andris Ogriņš, a little past his thirties, still belongs to the generation of young Latvian poets.

As characterised by poet and editor Jānis Rokpelnis: „Ogriņš is endowed with powerful poetic temperament, he writes without restraint, mixing tenses, genders, styles, however, his poetry remains emotionally and intellectually balanced. One can rely on the taste and psychological sincerity of this poet – in his works we won’t find anything false. Ogriņš’ search for expression is interesting, stimulating and often quite convincing.”

Es zvēru pie kraukļiem

In Latvian
Artist: Rūta Mežavilka
116 pp., paperback, ISBN 9780-9984-807-17-1

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