Ērika Gulbe. Paintings

Compiler Ieva Lejasmeijere

The painting of Ērika Gulbe is an isolated, vivid and expressive phenomenon in Latvian art, not always sufficiently appreciated.

This monographic album permits an evaluation of the artist’s contribution through a selection of paintings gathered and appraised over the years. The authors give an account of Gulbe’s life and present an absorbingly written analysis of her work.

Ērika Gulbe. Paintings

In Latvian and English
Texts: Ieva Lejasmeijere, Andrejs Ģērmanis
Design: Inta Sarkane. Editor: Māra Ņikitina
Translator into English: Stella Pelše. Proof-reader in English: Kristiāna Ābele
124 pp., hardback, ISBN 9984-9472-8-9

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