Bruno Vasiļevskis

Compiler Helēna Demakova

In 1989 Bruno Vasiļevskis published a laconic “credo”: in art, as in science, nothing is invented, one can only discover. Vasiļevskis’ discoveries began in the early 1960s as a self-evident denial of the slightly modernised socialist realism, but also the subjective expressionism and formalist effects of late modernism of the time.

Bruno Vasiļevskis (..) comes with a new view of the world and with a new art form. One cannot achieve more in art.

Art historian Imants Lancmanis

Bruno Vasiļevskis

In Latvian and English
Text authors: Imants Lancmanis, Eduards Kļaviņš. Editor: Māra Ņikitina
Design: Katrīna Vasiļevska
Translators into English: Andris Mellakauls, Valdis Bērziņš. Proof-reader in English: Iveta Boiko
Photographer: Jānis Buls
96 pp., hardback, ISBN 9984-729-63-X

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