Without Walls

Compiler Laima Slava

A book on Latvian Contemporary Art, supported and financed by ABLV Bank, includes reproductions of works by Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian and Russian artists from the collection of the future Latvian Contemporary Art Museum. Alongside with reproductions the book contains also short bios of the artists and their statements about the artworks which makes it a captivating reading for every art lover.

As the Chairman of the Board of ABLV Bank Ernests Bernis says in the introduction to the book: „Stepping out of the walls and boundaries, we finally return to ourselves. And the work of art is a key to open some forgotten doors and see the most secret places in our inner self. What we will find there, what emotions, reactions, and manifestations – depends on us. The artist’s work just initiates this process.”

Without Walls

In Latvian, English and Russian
Artist: Anta Pence
432 pp., hardcover, ISBN 978-9934-512-13-1

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