Ādolfs Zārdiņš

Ludmila Pestova

An engrossing and richly illustrated story of the dramatic life of Ādolfs Zārdiņš, a life selflessly devoted to art.

Zārdiņš was discovered only at the end of the 20th century. His works, already appearing at Sotheby’s auctions, open a fresh, unusual page in Latvian art history. The works were created from the years of the First World War up to the artist’s death in 1967.

A painting has its own rules of formation. A painting means a new world and a new world order. The utopian is implemented only in art…

Ādolfs Zārdiņš

Ādolfs Zārdiņš

In Latvian and English
Artist: Juris Petraškevičs
Translator into Latvian: Aleksis Osmanis. Translator into English: Maira Mora
Proof-reader of Latvian: Māra Ņikitina. Proof-reader of English: Iveta Boiko
150 pp., hardback, ISBN 9984- 729-46-X
Supported by: The State Culture Capital Foundation

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